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Uncle Sang's Sushi & Kitchen

Quiet, relaxing ambiance and delicate tastes are what you are looking for in a dining experience. Then come to our restaurant in Solon, Iowa 52333, and enjoy a great variety of specialty drinks as well as amazing dishes.

Uncle Sang's Sushi & Kitchen is a full-service restaurant that features a variety of special rolls with delicate sauces, fresh sushi, and traditional cuisine made only with the freshest ingredients. Our staff are trained to create the best dining experience for all of our guests.

Hygiene and food safety are the top priority in our restaurant. We only use fresh and healthy food as well as clean items to make customers feel the most comfortable, believe and assign your meal to us.

Let's take your taste buds to the next level. Come in and let us be your first choice!

Sashimi is a healthy and nutritious meal that is low in calories and fat. It is also a good source of protein, omega-three fatty acids, and vitamins A and D. Sashimi is also known to be high in antioxidants, which can help protect your body against diseases.