Uncle Sang Sushi & Kitchen | Japanese Restaurant In Solon, IA 52333



[Gls $12.75 Btl $49] Beaujolais- 100% Gamay Grapes aged 8 months in concrete tanks from the Appeliation Beaujolais Protegee.
[Gls $14 Btl $54] Brew Cru- A Pinot Noir grape from South Africa. Light and acidic with ripe berries and toasted oak.
[Gls $12 Btl $46] Fox Glove- Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles. A deep bold Cabernet with dark fruits and hints of chocolate with well-balanced tannins. Your classic California red!
[Gls $13 Btl $50] Footbolt- 100% Shiraz from Australia. Our driest red of our red wine selection. From a fourth generational wine producing family, a vibrant, fruit forward with perfectly balanced acidity. This wine was named after the owners racehorse.
[Gls $12.50 Btl $48] Alexander Valley Vineyards – A wonderful Chardonnay from the AVV family bordering the Russian River area. Fermented in both stainless steel and French oak barrels gives this wine unique characteristics.
[Gls $12.75 Btl $49] Big Salt- A perfect wine for a sushi restaurant! A perfect blend of Riesling and gewurztraminer grapes from Oregon. Spicy penetrating aromas of pear blossom, ginger and kumquat lead to a lively palate of citrus and a dash of sea salt and minerality.
[Gls $9.75 Btl $37] Kali- A Sauvignon Blanc from Terre Gaie. From the northern parts of Italy come this wonderful wine with orange off the nose turning to a well-balanced blend of grapefruit, mineral and a dash of vanilla finish.
$15 Craft Sho Chiku Bai [Hot]- A classic Junmai with intense umami complex flavor of banana bread, nutmeg, custard and toasted nut.
$20 Sayuri Nigori- 300ml A sake from the Kobe region of Japan. This ‘unfiltered’ sake has wonderful aromas of white grape and the famous cherry blossom trees, with nice creamy finish.
$20 Crane Karakuchi- 300ml Served either chilled or at room temperature. This sake is dry with silvery straw color. A touch of citrus, cantaloupe, caper berry and almond aromas with a silky mouthfeel. Light bodied and polished.
$20 Bulzai Ginjo- 300ml Nama-chozo sake, unpasteurized throughout the storage period and only heated at the bottling creating the aromas of tropical fruit and rice to ‘pop’. Light and clean, with a hint of licorice and white pepper.
$22 Demon Slayer- 300ml Onikoroshi sake, Honjozo style. A very dry medium-bodied sake with tantalizing fruit flavors and a pleasant nuttiness on the mid palate. Hints of mineral finish off to a very dry rice wine.
$22 Countless Vision- 300ml Junmai Ginjo Nigori sake. This unfiltered sake create a cloudy rice wine with a distinctive sweetness. Tropical notes of starfruit and guava hit the palate with a burst of flavor. Finishing with a creamy melon flavor.
$22 Pure Bloom- 300ml Sweet Junmai Ginjo. Light gentle brew, filled with aroma of sweet rice, cherry blossoms and lychee. Made with local fresh spring water.
$150 Manotsuru “Maho” Daiginjo- 700ml Served at room temperature, this sake is PURE! Clean perfumes of rich melon pear and cotton candy with slight green notes. Luscious and full on the palette with a velvety texture. These elegant flavors progressively spread, culminating into a finish of fresh fruit. A real treat!
Handcrafted Cocktails
$11 Raspberry Mule- Freshly muddled raspberries mixed with Absolute Vodka and ginger beer in a copper mug.
$10 Mai Tai- A classic take on the California Mai Tai. Spiced Captain Morgan Rum, Malibu mixed with fresh pineapple juice.
$11 Cool Cucumber Berry- Muddled cucumber and mint, Titos Vodka and bubbles finished with Pomegranate liquor.
$12 Blackberry Mint Julep- Fresh blackberries muddled with homegrown mint, Makers Mark bourbon whiskey and a splash of bubbles.
$14 Apres Old Fashion- Demerara and orange bitters mixed with Woodford Reserve, smoked in house and served with a Luxardo cherry.
$11 Raspberry Mango Martini- Freshly muddled raspberries and mango mixed with Titos vodka, Raspberry Chambord liquor finished with a mango puree.
$11 Strawberry Martini- Muddled Strawberries, Titos Vodka with a kiss of lemon.
$11 El Vino- Tequila, Lime Juice, Simple with a red wine float.
$12 Bonsai Martini- One part Japanese sake, One part Tanqueray gin and a splash of Lychee Soju. Garnished with fresh Lychee.
$8 Insorti- This negroni is an Italian aperitif from Northern Italy with botanicals of citrus peels, wormwood and juniper. Served with an orange slice and a spurt of bubbles.
Ask your server about our draft and bottled beer selection!