Uncle Sang Sushi & Kitchen | Japanese Restaurant In Solon, IA 52333

Cayden’s Corner


Substitute Fried Rice for Fried Rice +$2

Kid's Bentos

Pick 3 for each Bento: Assorted Fruit, Salad, French Fries, Seaweed Salad, Assorted Tempura, Crab Rangoon, Pineapple Rangoon, Gyoza, Calamari Salad
Kids Katsu
chicken or pork katsu, katsu sauce served with a chopped cabbage.
Katsu Sandwich
chicken or pork katsu.
Chicken Teriyaki
sauteed dark chicken with white rice.
Salmon Teriyaki
sauteed norwegian salmon with white rice.
Chicken Tenders
fried chicken tenders for the littles!

Kid's Meals

All Kids under the age of 10.
Kids Cheese Burger
served with french fries. your choice of teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo or ketchup.
pick one basic roll, comes with 2 pieces of tuna/salmon or unagi nigiri.
Kids Phở
phở rice noodles in an aromatic overnight beef bone marrow broth served with beef shank and Vietnamese meatballs.