Uncle Sang Sushi & Kitchen | Japanese Restaurant In Solon, IA 52333



Chicken Teriyaki
Dark chicken and Mushrooms in a teriyaki sauce served with rice.
Salmon Teriyaki
Faroe Salmon, Sauteed Broccoli, Fresh Spring Onion on top of White Rice
New York Strip
Grilled Angus Choice New York Strip Loin, Sauteed Broccoli, Onion and Mushroom served with White Rice.
Com Chien
Vietnamese Fried rice with BBQ Pork Sausage, egg, onion and carrots.
Pho Viet
Pho rice noodles in an aromatic overnight beef bone marrow broth served with Slices of Angus Choice NY Strip, Beef Shank, Vietnamese Meatballs, fresh mint, cilantro, basil and bean sprouts.
Pho Ga
pho rice noodles in an aromatic chicken stock made over night served with grilled chicken breast, fresh mint, cilantro, basil and bean sprouts.
Bo Luc Lac [Shaking Beef]
marinated beef sauteed with sweet bell peppers, yellow onions served on top of a bed of spring salad, tomatoes, English cucumbers and white rice.
Panko Breaded Chicken with a Tonkatsu sauce served with a chopped cabbage salad and White Rice.
Chashu Ramen
Rich and creamy broth, Chashu, Seasoned Egg, Sweet Corn, Bamboo, Bok Choy and Bean Sprouts.
Stir fried yellow onions, scallions, carrots. Vegetarian option with cabbage, broccoli and tofu for $17 Grilled Chicken Breast $20 Grilled Shrimp $22.
Tofu Teriyaki
Fried tofu sauteed with fresh broccoli, carrots, onions and mushrooms served with white rice.
Substitute White Rice for Fried Rice +$4
Add Chicken Breast +$5 Add Angus Choice NY Strip +$8 Add Grilled Shrimp +$6 to any dish.